“Šela” 'Šela' is a workshop for processing and coating various metals, owned by Mr. Željko Šelendić. It is located at 30 Besic, Zagreb.

Workshop originated from the development of the foundry, which has begun operating in 1947 and is still in operation. Many years of hard work secured a reputation among customers as a good workshop. Quality products are tradition in our workshop.

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Product Range

  • Interiors wagon
  • Braking equipment
  • Urban Equipment
  • Locksmithing
  • Aluminium joinery
  • Equipment Trade

Services we offer

  • Metal processing (turning, milling, punching)
  • Welding (manual, robot)
  • Vulcanization Rubber
  • Casting AL. Alloy
  • Protection of metals (thermo-varnishing, coating, painting)
  • Casting Polyurethane

Quality Policy

Focus on customer needs and customer satisfaction performed work, speed and product quality, the most important values by which the manufacturing company Šela set up the standards of its overall performance in the field of manufacturing and metal structures assemblies