sela-casting-metal-01sela-casting-metal-02ŠELA MANUFACTURING Ltd. is a company 100% owned by Mr. Željko Šelendić. In its more modern form, the company started operating in 1947, thus continuing the hundred years long family tradition of metal processing. The basic idea behind the company’s launch was metal casting production for the Croatian Railways.

During the 1990’s we started the development and we adopted production of brake equipment for railway vehicles, and we gradually become the leading and the only verified Croatian company in the development of brake equipment for railway vehicles. Our expertise was confirmed by a number of awards and contracts with leading companies in the railway industry in our country and region, leading us to obtaining a series of tenders related to the brake equipment in the railway industry.


In the beginning of 2001, we started a new company UPIG Ltd. with the aim of gaining market share in the segment of street furniture (benches, garbage cans, awnings, bicycle racks, etc.). In cooperation with foreign companies, UPIG gradually invested in renewable energy sources in the Republic of Croatia.


VENTAL Company Ltd., as the third member of our group, started its work in 2007, with a main idea of becoming a national leader in the equipment manufacturing for indoor and outdoor track vehicles (seats, produced from polyester, polyurethane, etc). Constant investment in modernization and production, as well as education of employees quickly brought us to the top of targeted market. Later, the product range expanded to the production of metal structures, with special attention on welding.


Our business strategy is focused on expanding the product range, production modernization and acquiring new export markets. Our desire is to meet a wider range of consumers, and we can achieve that only by continuous monitoring of their movement, desires and needs. Understanding our customers is the basis for the development of new products, and we strive to offer a superior quality and value. We constantly take care of the market needs, never making trade-offs in quality and tradition.

Our Business Vision is to be a creator of modern business trends in manufacturing, sales, warehousing, distributing and representing in the rail road industry. On the market, we strive to remain recognizable for quality relationship with customers, top quality goods and services, high innovation, expressed social responsibility and ethical business. Thus, we want to confirm and maintain our position in the metal processing business for many years coming. A real leader in the Croatian, and one of the bigger players on the EU market.


We are focused on customer needs and customer satisfaction performed work, meeting deadlines and quality products as well as to take care about the environment, preserving natural resources and energy efficiency. These are the most important values by which the manufacturing company Šela measures and determines its overall performance in the field of developing, metal processing, laminating and production of technical sealants.

  • employing a professional and ambitious staff that will have all opportunities and obligations which are constantly developed and improved
  • continuously improving the technological equipment nurturing and developing partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • continuously reducing negative environmental impact and investing in pollution prevention
  • continuously monitoring the global trends in production, and the same applied to its work
  • setting ambitious, measurable and achievable goals
  • implementing and continuously improving the effectiveness of management systems based on the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001